Pool Deck and Enclosure Cleaning in Palm Harbor

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With the constant intervals of sun and rain in our region, mold, mildew and algae can sometimes seem to pop up, seemingly overnight on your pool deck and pool cage. This takes the form of black and green formations that accumulate between paver bricks, or on your cool deck surface. It also builds up on your screens and frame of your pool enclosure. This build up is not only unsightly, but can be dangerous. Slick areas can cause a slip and fall. Breathing in this mold and algae can cause respiratory distress. It also eats away at the protective coating on your homes surfaces.

pressure washing palm harbor. Pool deck. before.

pressure washing palm harbor. pool deck. after



What can you do to solve this problem?

Low pressure pool deck cleaning with a bleach based detergent is the perfect solution to this unsightly and unhealthy problem that plagues your pool area.  Using a pressure washer with special low pressure nozzles is the way most pressure washing contractors achieve this task. The whole area is carefully treated with the cleaning solution and allowed to dwell, in order to ensure the contaminants are killed off and the staining is removed. A good pressure washing technician can get all this done without harm to the surfaces being cleaned and no damage to the surrounding landscape or plants.