Frequently Asked Question

These are the questions we get the most.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: We are a properly registered and insured business based in Pinellas County. There is no license for pressure washing and gutter cleaning issued in Pinellas County. An occupation license or tax receipt, is issued in Hillsborough and Pasco county to residents of these counties. An occupation license is not issued or required for a business based in Pinellas county, to work in Hillsborough or Pasco county. We have a $1,000,000 insurance policy.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started our business in New Jersey in 1996, focusing on deck cleaning and house washes. We relocated to Florida in 2012 and started RHQ Property Maintenance. After two years it became apparent that the focus of our company was going to be pressure washing and gutter cleaning., and changed the name to Driveways Plus Pressure Washing LLC. The owner Ralph Quaglia has 19 years of business experience with 10 years of it pressure washing.

Q: What kind of chemicals will you be using on our property?

A: There are several different chemicals used when cleaning the surfaces of your property. The main cleaner we use is chlorine based with special soaps that kill algae, mold and mildew. That is a very important part of the job. The chlorine or bleach, kills the contaminants, and the soap penetrates and releases the dirt and mold, and is rinsed away with low pressure. If you don't kill the mold and mildew, it basically gets spread around during the rinsing process and starts growing back immediately. We also use degreasers for oil stains and acids for rust removal. We have extensive training and knowledge on how to use these chemicals safely and effectively.  

Q: You say you use bleach? is that going to hurt my plants and grass?  

A: No, when used responsibly there is no problem using bleach. We make sure to rinse before, during and after the cleaning process. The bleach coming out of our machines is diluted with water and are just enough to kill the mold, but safe enough for plants and grass. We take care to move or cover sensitive items, that could be affected by our cleaners. We have never had a problem with bleach hurting a customers plants or grass.     

Q: Will your pressure washer cause damage to my property?

A: The truth is, in the wrong hands, a pressure washer could do extreme damage to your property. A true professional will tell you, that the only thing we use pressure on, is concrete and brick pavers. All other surfaces are cleaned with low pressure, sometimes called "soft washing". Pool cages and houses are chemically cleaned with low pressure, sometimes even less than what comes out of your garden hose. 

Q: Do I have to be home when you work on my property? 

A: No, we do not require you to be home, when we are to arrive at your home to clean. You just must make sure there are no cars in the driveway (if we are cleaning your driveway).  and there is access to water.   

Q: Do I have to move stuff off of my patio or pool deck?

A: Yes and no. You should remove all things that could be affected by bleach, such as towels and pillows, sensitive houseplants and electronics(remotes, portable radios etc...). If you have Tv's, stereos and speakers outside we will cover them. Patio furniture and stuff of that nature can remain. We will move them around during the cleaning process. If you are so inclined, you could move your furniture outside of the deck area. It is not necessary though. 

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. 

Q: How do we arrange payment if we won't be home?

A: You can leave a check for us at a pre-arranged spot, or we will send you an invoice to your email. We have no problem billing our customers and do it for convenience. We realize it is a hassle to take off of work, or have to drive home to pay a contractor.